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China overpowers Malaysia in Uber Cup badminton tournament******China's Liu Xuanxuan (R) /Xia Yuting compete in the women's doubles match against Malaysia's Lee Meng Yean/Muralitharan Thinaah during the group D match between China and Malaysia at Uber Cup badminton tournament in Aarhus, Denmark, Oct. 10, 2021. (Xinhua/Zhang Cheng)  China's Liu Xuanxuan (R) /Xia Yuting compete in the women's doubles match against Malaysia's Lee Meng Yean/Muralitharan Thinaah during the group D match between China and Malaysia at Uber Cup badminton tournament in Aarhus, Denmark, Oct. 10, 2021. (Xinhua/Zhang Cheng)

AARHUS, Denmark, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- China's women's badminton team crushed Malaysia 5-0 in the second round of the Uber Cup group stage here on Sunday.

Tokyo Olympic champion Chen Yufei drew first blood against the 20-year-old Eoon Qixuan, winning 21-13, 21-11.

"This is my first game in the 2021 Uber Cup and it's normal that I had some problems in the first set. But I collected points quickly as she was making more mistakes," said Chen. "I believe things will become much better in the coming matches."

Liu Xuanxuan and Xia Yuting outplayed Lee Meng Yean and Thinaah Muralitharan, 21-12, 21-17 in the following doubles tie.

"We were prepared for all kinds of scenarios. Our opponents are much stronger than the Canadian pair yesterday, so we're not surprised to fight hard in the second set," Xia told Xinhua after the game.

Liu was happy to grab the victory for the Chinese team and vowed to make more contributions for China in their title campaign. "We would collect more points if we could manage the details well."

He Bingjiao overwhelmed Siti Nurshuhaini 21-8, 21-3 in just 23 minutes in the third match-up.

"I cannot decide who would be my opponent and how strong she is. The only thing I can do is to fight 100 percent, no matter whom I face. I'll try every effort to motivate myself," said the world No. 9 singles player.

Huang Dongping and Jia Yifan then smashed Go Pei Kee and Teoh Mei Xing 21-9, 21-12 in the doubles, before 21-year-old Wang Zhiyi defeated 18-year-old Karupathevan Letshanaa 21-15, 21-11 to seal the victory for China.

China will face hosts Denmark on Tuesday in the final round of the group stage. Enditem

Chinese envoy calls for joint efforts to ensure safety of nuclear facilities in Ukraine******


This screen grab taken on March 4, 2022, from a footage of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear authority shows a wide view of the Ukrainian nuclear plant.

A Chinese envoy on Friday called on parties to the Ukraine conflict to act with caution and work together, with the assistance of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to ensure the safety of relevant nuclear facilities inside Ukraine.

China pays close attention to the latest developments in Ukraine and expresses its concern over the relevant reports about the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, said Zhang Jun, China's permanent representative to the United Nations.

According to information the IAEA received from the Ukrainian nuclear authority, the main equipment of the nuclear power plant remains intact, and the level of radiation unchanged. China also takes note of the information and clarification provided by Russia on the relevant matters, Zhang told a Security Council emergency meeting.

Noting the Ukraine crisis is still undergoing complex changes, he said the most important thing right now is to ease tension, avoid more civilian casualties, intensify diplomatic efforts, and get back as soon as possible to the track of political settlement.

Russia and Ukraine have held two rounds of direct dialogue and negotiations and have reached preliminary agreement on setting up humanitarian corridors. China welcomes this and hopes that it can facilitate better protection of civilians and help with the safe evacuation of all foreign nationals, including Chinese nationals, Zhang said.

"We encourage Russia and Ukraine to remain committed to the overall direction of political settlement, and reach a negotiated solution that accommodates the legitimate concerns of the two parties and contributes to Europe's lasting peace and security," he said.

China welcomes all diplomatic efforts conducive to a political settlement, and China has played and will continue to play a constructive role to this end.

The international community should stay cool-headed and rational, and adopt a responsible, impartial and objective attitude in order to create a sound atmosphere and conditions for direct negotiations between the parties concerned, said Zhang.

"Any action must contribute to de-escalation and diplomatic settlement, rather than adding fuel to fire, leading to further escalation and deterioration of the situation."

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实力逆袭旗舰商务本,荣耀MagicBook V 14评测******


  不过独立前的荣耀MagicBook系列笔记本一直主打的是3000-5000元价位,高端则是让位给了老大哥。而前段时间,新荣耀终于带来了旗下首款高端轻薄本—MagicBook V 14,同时它还是首批预装Windows 11系统的笔记本。

  本期我们不仅上手了这款新品,还请上了大家耳熟能详的标杆级商务本--ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2021进行PK,看看MagicBook V 14是否有足够的实力挑战传统品牌旗舰商务本,再次为市场注入新的活力。

01/ 配置&外观

  荣耀MagicBook V 14的机身采用全铝合金材质,它的A面和其它同期新发布的MagicBook一样,都把LOGO从以往的侧边改为了居中设计。整体风格符合商务气质,又相对年轻化。


  通过软件识别到的信息,这块屏幕型号是来自华星光电的MNE208UA1-1,尺寸为14.2英寸,分辨率2560x1680(2.5K),支持90Hz高刷新率和10.7亿色(10bit)显示,标称支持100% sRGB色域和400nits亮度,拥有十分出色的显示效果。同时,它还通过了莱茵硬件低蓝光、无频闪护眼认证以及国家眼科中心护眼认证,更加护眼且观感也不会偏黄。

  这块屏幕还支持十点精准触控,不仅可以搭配Windows 11使用更流畅的多指手势,还能在多屏协同功能上还原手机般的触屏交互。







  机身右侧为一个USB-A 3.2 Gen 1以及一个HDMI 2.0接口,配置比较齐全。


02/ 基准测试


  荣耀MagicBook V 14搭载11代酷睿i5-11320H处理器,4核心8线程设计,最大睿频4.3GHz,三级缓存8MB,TDP为35W。相比i5-11300H,它最大的区别在于核显规格由80EU提升到了96EU,图形性能将获得一定幅度的提升。在CPU-Z的基准测试中,荣耀MagicBook V14获得了单核565,多核2933的成绩,已经全面领先于七代桌面高端处理器酷睿i7-7700K,这对日常办公而言已经绰绰有余。

  而ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2021在CPU-Z中获得了单核528分,多核2563分,显然落后于荣耀MagicBook V 14。这是因为,虽然它们同样搭载11代酷睿i5处理器,不过它这颗i5-1135G7是低电压的版本,TDP仅有15W。


  荣耀MagicBook V 14采用了双通道16GB LPDDR4 4266MHz高频内存,实测读取速度接近60GB/s,性能非常好,相比常规的DDR4-3200内存更有助于核显性能的发挥。

  ThinkPad这边虽然同样是使用了双通道的LPDDR4 4266内存,但成绩却有一定的差异,它的延迟相对低一些,但读写带宽也明显比荣耀要低一截。

  3D Mark

  果然,在3DMark的Fire Strike(DX11游戏)和Time Spy(DX12游戏)两项测试中,荣耀MagicBook V14分别获得了5403和1748的显卡分数,图形性能甚至超过了MX350独显,它的游戏表现也是可以稍微期待一下的。



  荣耀MagicBook的硬盘是西数SN730 512GB,属于高端的PCIe 3.0x4固态硬盘,读写性能优异。

  而这里ThinkPad X1 Carbon则更加领先一步,采用了PCIe4.0固态,连续读写速度几乎翻倍,算是在硬盘性能这块扳回一城。不过普通用户并不太常会用到这么高的连续读写,这项性能对体验的影响自然是不如CPU和GPU的差异来的大。

03/ 生产力对比

  来到实际的使用场景,对一款轻薄本来说,最值得关注的当然是它的生产力表现了。下面我们就来看看荣耀MagicBook V 14能否战胜ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2021这款定价万元的旗舰级商务本。



ΔThinkPad X1 Carbon

Δ荣耀 MagicBook V14


  使用Adobe premiere导出同一段2GB大小的4K视频,ThinkPad用时接近19分钟,而荣耀则只用了14分30秒左右,领先幅度达到了23%。可见在这种大型重负载任务面前,搭载标压处理器的荣耀MagicBook V 14具备了明显的优势。



ΔThinkPad X1 Carbon

Δ荣耀 MagicBook V14


  日常工作中,手机与电脑的信息传输也非常重要。如今各家都在发展自己的多屏协同功能,但荣耀集成在触控板上的NFC一碰连,仍然是目前最为便利且稳定的连接方案。多屏协同启动后,荣耀MagicBook V 14的触屏交互也更加符合手机的使用习惯。





  再搭配其边缘阵列式排布的4麦克风,以及高低分频四扬声器,荣耀MagicBook V 14这套组合对线上会议用户来说再适合不过。

04/ 游戏测试


  荣耀MagicBook V 14在这款配置要求不高的MOBA网游当中,即便将特效和分辨率开满,帧率仍然能稳定在100帧以上。


  游戏画质设置如图,运行创意工坊fps_bench mark地图,分别测试两档兼容全屏无黑边的分辨率:



  可以看到,在高频内存和开放的功耗加持下,荣耀MagicBook V 14的游戏性能同样不俗,负载不高的网游完全可以流畅运行,可以满足我们工作之余偶尔的娱乐。

05/ 散热及稳定性

  看完前面的测试,也许你会有疑问,使用低压处理器的ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2021在性能上落于下风,那在散热上会不会反而更有优势?性能更强的荣耀MagicBook V 14又是否会出现高温降频、烫手的情况呢?后面的结果更加出人意料。

  首先在CineBench R15的30轮循环跑分中,ThinkPad X1 Carbon最终跑到了692分,比第一轮低了130多分;而荣耀MagicBook V 14分数始终在1000分上下,波动范围仅50分,在持续高负载性能稳定性上占据了绝对的优势。

ΔThinkPad X1 Carbon

Δ荣耀MagicBook V 14




  再看表面温度,性能释放如此激进的荣耀MagicBook V 14,WASD区域竟然仅有34.4°C,它的高温区域集中在键盘中部,最高也只有41.5°C。可见,荣耀不仅热源分布更加合理,更是在散热效能上大幅领先对手。

  拆开机器内部可以看到,这次上手的荣耀MagicBook V 14虽然只是核显配置,散热规格却丝毫不减,仍然是采用了两根大直径的热管,以及两枚扇叶十分密集的风扇,保障了核心部分的散热。同时,大面积的均热板也照顾到了显存、供电和南桥,用料十分扎实。另外,我们还能看到左右两侧的四颗扬声器,尤其是靠下的两颗体型硕大的低音单元。

06/ 总结

  作为荣耀MagicBook系列的首款高端之作,荣耀MagicBook V 14在性能、屏幕、多屏协同、视频会议等方面的突出表现,拥有了叫板万元旗舰的越级实力,也刷新了我们对商务本的刻板印象,相信它将更加符合新时代年轻白领用户们的办公潮流,成为荣耀冲击高端笔记本市场坚实的第一步。

Economic Watch: China mulls five******

BEIJING, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- China is taking further steps to increase its support for the country's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with solid measures to encourage sci-tech innovation and stimulate their vitality.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is working on a five-year plan for the growth of SMEs, which underlines key tasks including improving a level playing field, increasing financing availability and enhancing innovation capacity and professionalism.

From 2021 to 2025, the country is expected to incubate and cultivate about one million innovative SMEs and 100,000 SMEs that feature specialization, refinement, uniqueness and innovation, said MIIT Minister Xiao Yaqing.

According to Xiao, the country also plans to incubate 10,000 "little giant" firms, which refer to small enterprises, still in the early stage of development, focusing on the new generation of information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, biomedicine and other high-end fields.

A total of 1,140 "little giant" companies enjoyed operating margins of 13.2 percent in the first eight months, an MIIT survey showed.

To further improve the technological innovation capacity of SMEs and resolve their difficulties, the country is unfolding a slew of measures.

China plans to build a number of national manufacturing innovation centers and generic technology platforms in key areas, as well as to support the integration of small and medium-sized enterprises into industrial chains, supply chains and value chains, according to the MIIT.

Calling for integrated innovation development pattern for large, medium and small enterprises and upstream and downstream firms, the ministry also proposed to increase inclusive finance support for small and micro-businesses.

Providing richer asset certificates for SMEs and reducing their loan pressure would be one of the many innovative practices to solve their financing difficulties and delayed payment and collection.

As of June 2021, Chinese logistics service platform Lionbridge has served more than 3,000 small, medium and micro logistics enterprises and provided financing support of more than 900 million yuan (about 140.87 million U.S. dollars), by conducting asset capability assessment based on big data covering car rental, shipment and transportation volume.

In addition, some industrial internet platforms have provided financing services for SMEs in the industrial chain by enriching information and capability certificates such as supply chain delivery and stocking.

To solve the problems of insufficient credit construction and direct financing, more efforts will be made to promote the establishment and improvement of enterprise-related data and information-sharing mechanisms and to support fintech to empower SMEs in financing innovation, according to the MIIT. Enditem






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