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Guangzhou coach Guo banned five matches for interrupting CBA game in disagreement******

BEIJING, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has slapped Guangzhou Loong Lions head coach Guo Shiqiang with a five-game suspension after his controversial behavior led to an interruption of a CBA game on Sunday.。

Guangzhou trailed the Jilin Northeast Tigers at 94-93 with 8.5 seconds to play, when Zhu Mingzhen was whistled his sixth personal foul, giving Jilin's Cui Jinming a pair of free throws.。

But thinking that Jilin's Dai Huaibo should have been given traveling violation before the foul took place, Guo blamed the referees, also refusing to make substitutions as ruled. He fielded another player onto the court around five minutes later.。

In Monday's announcement, the league's ruling body said that Guo's behavior was a severe disturbance toward the game, thus banning Guo five matches and fining him 20,000 RMB (3,126 US dollars).。

After the game resumed, Cui missed both free throws. Chen Yingjun made a driving layup with 1.8 seconds remaining and helped Guangzhou escape with a 95-94 victory in a dramatic finish.。

Guangzhou sits fifth among 20 outfits with a win-loss record of 5-2. Enditem。

大电池放心玩 iQOO Z5x拿到手只需1299元起******

近期,千元机销售市场很繁华,iQOO也升级了Z系列产品产品系列,发布了千元级的iQOO Z5x新产品。iQOO Z5x配备5000mAh大充电电池.天矶900集成ic.120Hz高霸屏等,这款精准定位千元级的手机上也可以带来平衡出色的综合感受。

外型层面,iQOO Z5x给予板岩橙.镜片黑.雾海白三种颜色可选,在其中板岩橙采用高层次感板岩漆加工工艺,配搭經典的橘色,带来激情有魅力的视觉冲击,完成层次感.触感全新升级升級。整体机身薄厚约为8.57mm,净重189g上下,不必担心会尤其厚实。

iQOO Z5x采用一块6.58英尺的LCD水滴屏幕,屏幕比例做到90.61%,视线宽阔,显示屏适用120Hz刷新频率.240Hz触控采样率.DCI-P3广色域,屏幕分辨率为2408×1080,显示屏最高值色度可以达到650nits,根据德国莱茵 TÜV低高清蓝光验证。在1000元价格段,iQOO Z5x显示屏能带来非常好的展示实际效果,对LCD党而言也是一个加分项目。

在小关键点层面,iQOO Z5x采用侧面开关电源二合一功能键设计方案,开启便捷迅速。还配备了3.5mm耳机插孔,喜爱用有线耳机的好朋友更为便捷。

特性层面,iQOO Z5x配备天矶900 5GCPU,采用6nm制造加工工艺,CPU一部分为2颗A78大核 6颗A55花核的八关键设计方案,与之配搭的也有第三代APU和Mali-G68 MC4 GPU。手机上还具备五重液冷散热系统软件.运行内存结合2.0扶持。

iQOO Z5x的安兔兔跑分为47万 ,玩受欢迎互联网游戏较为顺畅。依据检测結果,《王者荣耀》游戏均值帧率为60.1帧,《和平精英》游戏均值帧率为59.6帧,游戏全过程中帧率起伏都并不大,可以带来平稳.顺畅的游戏感受,触摸实际操作回应也十分迅速。

在其中《QQ飞车》游戏还适用高帧,游戏均值帧率做到86.3帧,相互配合120Hz高刷新频率显示屏,能够感受尽情的高帧游戏界面。iQOO Z5x整体机身温控得也非常好,持续玩游戏都不可能很发烫。iQOO Z5x配备功能丰富的游戏小助手,进一步升級游戏感受。

这款手机上的综合型能能够达到日常应用要求.规定并不是非常高的流行互联网游戏也可以确保顺畅的游戏界面,带来非常好的游戏感受。iQOO Z5x适用SA/NSA双模式5G.5G高铁动车方式.WiFi 6.拨电话持续网3.0作用等,客户还可以体验到更快速的5G互联网。

影象层面,iQOO Z5x后置摄像头为5000万清晰度主摄 200万清晰度微距镜头双摄像头组成,适用非常城市夜景方式.双视线录影等作用,非常容易就能达到日常记录下来要求,也可以给予充足的影象游戏玩法。


iQOO Z5x是一款配备平衡.可以带来非常好综合性感受的1000元5G手机上,也有较长续航力扶持,使你安心使用。假如你费用预算在千元级,能够考虑一下这款型号。

现阶段iQOO Z5x已经京东商城参加限时秒杀,6GB 128GB版本券后拿到手价1299元,还可赠送手机耳机,更为性价比高。8GB 128GB版本券后拿到手价1349元,8GB 256GB版本券后拿到手价1549元,要想订购的小伙伴能够前去电子商务平台掌握大量。

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Japan to declare COVID******

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is preparing to place three prefectures here under a quasi-state of emergency on Friday amid a spike in COVID-19 cases stemming from US military personnel based in the prefectures spreading the virus.。

Japan's southernmost prefecture of Okinawa, host to the vast majority of US bases in Japan, is expected to be fully put under a quasi-state of emergency, following a record 981 new daily COVID-19 cases being reported on Thursday.。

The prefectures of Yamaguchi and Hiroshima, meanwhile, will likely see the mandate only applied to certain towns and cities there, with the tougher measures coming into effect from Sunday through January 31.。

Under the quasi-state of emergency, prefectural officials are empowered to further enhance antiviral measures, including asking eateries to close earlier and bars and restaurants to refrain from serving alcoholic beverages.。

Caps on the number of people attending large-scale public events can also be imposed by the local governments, under the quasi-state of emergency.。

Following consultations with health experts by relevant government personnel, the parliament will convene Friday to hear why the more stringent antiviral measures are necessary.。

The quasi-state of emergency will almost certainly be green-lit by the parliament as the three prefectures were hard hit and the nation in general are grappling to further limit the spread of the highly transmissible Omicron variant of COVID-19 stemming from US bases here into mainstream society, which is experiencing surging numbers of community transmissions.。

The Japanese prime minister, if the quasi-state of emergency is approved by the parliament, will formally declare it so for the three prefectures later Friday, sources said.。

According to the latest official figures, Tokyo reported 641 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday, marking the highest daily caseload since September 18, as the Omicron variant continues to spread rampantly.。

Nationwide, the number of new infections on Thursday topped the 3,000-mark for the first time since around the end of September.。

Huang/Zheng overpower Thai duo to reach Denmark Open final******

ODENSE, Denmark, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- Chinese shuttlers Huang Dongping and Zheng Yu overpowered fifth-seeded Jongkolphan Kititharakul/Rawinda Prajongjai from Thailand here on Saturday to reach the Denmark Open women's doubles final.

The newly paired Chinese duo took a straight win of 21-10, 21-15, and will meet second-seeded Lee So-hee/Shin Seung-chan from South Korea in the final.

"We defeated the Tokyo Olympic champion yesterday and it has given us much confidence to play strong since the very beginning today. And my partner gave many great smashes," said Huang. "Honestly, we did not expect to go as far as the final. Each match is a big surprise for us."

However, Huang did not make the mixed doubles final spot paired with her Olympic mixed doubles winning partner Wang Yilyu. Fourth-seeded Yuta Watanabe/Arisa Higashino from Japan took revenge on the Chinese top seed 16-21, 21-17, 21-17 in the mixed doubles semifinal.

As the Tokyo Olympic bronze medalists, the Japanese duo had lost the Olympic semifinal to the Chinese pair.

The 27-year-old Wang was not satisfied with the results and his own performance, although he had made many great saves.

"Huang has done well enough, but I'm not so determined to push myself. I should have done more for my partner because she is also playing the women's doubles. Maybe I was not well prepared mentally," said Wang.

"It's not a bad thing for us to lose this game. It'll tell us how to improve ourselves," said Huang, "we need to cover each other in key rally."

In the women's singles semifinal, sixth-seeded He Bingjiao from China was edged 23-21, 22-20 by second seed Akane Yamaguchi who had defeated Tokyo Olympic champion Chen Yufei twice in Sudirman Cup and Uber Cup.

"I was never thinking about giving up, even when I was falling behind in both sets. I tried to overturn the game, but it seemed that I just need a little bit more luck," said 24-year-old He.

He told Xinhua that Yamaguchi is her good friend and they have been playing against each other since the junior tournaments.

"Akane has great personality and strong will. She can save all the smashes no matter how difficult the shots are," said He. "She is not an emotional player and always keeps calm. She is very energetic on the pitch. It looks like she is never tired." Enditem






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